Laser-based Nanotechnology

Laser-based BioNanotechnology: Monolithically Integrated Photonics, QD Fabrication/Tuning, BioNanophotonic Devices
Our program ‘Laser-based BioNanotechnology: Monolithically Integrated Photonics, QD Fabrication/Tuning, BioNanophotonic Devices’ addresses both fundamental and practical aspects of knowledge concerning quantum semiconductors (QS) and innovative technologies for the fabrication of QS materials and related bio-nanophotonic devices. The successful realization of this program will be achieved with laser-based nanofabrication processes that have been available either in our laboratory or in laboratories of our academic partners. The program supports long-term research and development that will lead to potential breakthroughs in materials engineering for Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics as well as in such areas as biodiagnostics and Life Sciences in general. This activity is supported by NSERC, Université de Sherbrooke and the Canada Research Chair in Quantum Semiconductors program.
The fundamental technologies in our focus are:

  • Laser-induced quantum well/quantum dot intermixing (QWI/QDI), which is based either on IR laser Rapid Thermal Annealing, or on UV laser (excimer) intermixing. In addition to GaAs and InP based QW microstructures, we also investigate InAs and InGaAs QD microstructures.
  • Excimer laser surface modification and nanocrystal formation. Both II-VI and III-V materials are of primarily interest. However, we have also been involved in crystallization of high-temperature oxides, such as SrFeyCo1-yO2.5-x.
  • Laser-assisted dry etching, patterning and nanostructuring. Due to their strategic importance to nanophotonic devices, materials in the center of interest are III-V compound semiconductors.
  • Laser-induced bio-nanoarchitectures formation for innovative applications in the life science research.

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