Matthieu Martin


(2008) Optical spectroscopy of biofunctionalized quantum semiconductors
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The purpose of my Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Laboratory for Quantum Semiconductors and Photon-based Nanotechnologies is the design and implementation of a photoluminescence mapping system for the study of bio-functionalized quantum semiconductors.
Photoluminescence mapping is a technique widely used in the field of semiconductor materials. It provides, as its name suggests, a map of photoluminescence properties of the material studied. In other words, this technique gives the photoluminescence spectrum associated with each point of the surface of a sample.
Commercial photoluminescence mappers exist. However, they suffer from many drawbacks, mainly their size (more than 1m3 for most of them) and their data collection speed.
My work consists of designing a compact photoluminescence mapper that is also portable and fast. We base our idea on the hyper-spectral imaging technique to achieve this goal. Consequently, the application of this technique will be implemented to the mapping of bio-functionalized samples. The project’s ultimate goal is to develop an optical biosensor for the rapid detection of viral pathogens in humans.

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