J.J. Dubowski, Y. Tao and C. Py, “Multilayer microstructures and laser based method for precision and reduced damage patterning of such structures”, US patent # 6,719,916, April 13, 2004 (pending in Canada).
A novel method is disclosed that makes possible laser patterning of conductive metal electrode deposited on top of an organic and/or polymeric material without significant ablation of the organic and/or polymeric material. The method can achieve higher patterning resolution, resulting in higher quality integrated circuits. The method is based on the application of a thin coating of an inexpensive anti-reflector deposited on top of the desired metal electrode which in turn lies on the organic and/or polymeric material. This method has the potential to play an important role in the development of a variety of quantum dot (QD) template-based biophotonics devices. As well, it could offer practical solutions to developing a QD-based biofactory-on-chip technology.

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