Canadian Semiconductor Technology Conference, Hamilton, 2009

At the 14th Canadian Semiconductor Technology Conference, Hamilton, Ontario, August 10-14, 2009, the Quantum Semiconductor Group will report their recent research results in seven (7) presentations:
  1. “Formation dynamics of hexadecanethiol self-assembled monolayers on (001) GaAs observed with photoluminescence and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopies”, Chan-Kyu Kim, Gregory Marshall, Mathieu Martin, Michel Bisson-Viens, Zbig Wasilewski, Farid Bensebaa, Jan J. Dubowski
  2. “Monitoring aptamer-thrombin interaction on the surface of gold: towards III-V semiconductor-based surface plasmon resonance biosensor”, Chiheb Esseghaier, Walid M. Hassen. David A. B. Blair, Maria DeRosa, Alvaro Jimenez, Jacques Beauvais, Eric Frost, Jan J. Dubowski
  3. “Specific immobilization of selected viral and bacterial pathogens on GaAs (001) surface”, Valerie Duplan, Yannick Miron, Eric Frost, Michel Grandbois, Jan J. Dubowski
  4. “Surface plasmon effects induced by uncollimated emission of semiconductor microstructures”, Dominic Lepage, Jan J. Dubowski
  5. “Electro-Optic surface characterization of n-alkanethiol passivated semi-insulating GaAs (001)”, Gregory M. Marshall, Gregory P. Lopinski, Farid Bensebaa, Jan J. Dubowski
  6. “Laser tuning of InAs quantum dot emission wavelength”, Radoslaw Stanowski, Mathieu Martin, Richard Ares, Jan J. Dubowski
  7. “Superluminescent diodes based on UV and IR laser induced quantum well intermixing”, Romain Béal, Radoslaw Stanowski, Neng Liu, Vincent Aimez, Jan J. Dubowski

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