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  • 27.02.18

    J.J. Dubowski, S. Aithal, N. Liu, H. Sharma, “Photoluminescence monitored photocorrosion for metrology of GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures at the nanoscale” [Digital etching of GaAs: a […]

  • 15.11.17

    W.M. Hassen, J.J. Dubowski, “Detecting Legionella pneumophila with Digitally Photocorroding Biosensor”, an oral presentation at the Biosensor Workshop on Detecting of Electrically Charged Biomolecules, […]

  • 26.09.17

    M.R. Aziziyan, J.J. Dubowski, “Quantum Semiconductor Photonic Biosensing Platform for Detection of Legionella Pneumophila in Industrial Water”, an oral presentation at the 4th Student […]

  • 24.08.17

    S. Aithal, J.J. Dubowski, “Open Circuit Potential Oscillations of Digitally Photocorroding GaAs/AlGaAs Nano-Heterostructures“, a poster presentation at the 18th Canadian Semiconductor Science and Technology Conference, […]

  • 24.08.17

    M.R. Aziziyan, W.M. Hassen, H. Sharma, E. S. Sani, N. Annabi, E.H. Frost, J.J. Dubowski, “Modification of zeta potential of bacteria for enhanced detection with […]

  • 24.08.17

    W.M. Hassen, S. Aithal, M.R. Aziziyan, L. Sirbu, Kh. Moumanis, E.H. Frost, J.J. Dubowski, ”Chemotaxis assisted GaAs/AlGaAs photocorrosion biosensor for detection of Legionella pneumophila”, […]

  • 24.08.17

    J. Chawich, A. Bartasyte, J.-C. Orlianges, C. Elie-Caille, T. Leblois, J.J. Dubowski, “ZnO-GaAs acoustic biosensors: focus on ZnO thin film characterization”, an oral presentation at […]

  • 24.08.17

    H. Sharma, Kh. Moumanis, J.J. Dubowski, “UV laser regeneration of GaAs/AlGaAs biochips for quasi continuous detection”, an oral presentation the 18th Canadian Semiconductor Science and […]

  • 24.08.17

    L. Sirbu, S. Aithal, M.R. Aziziyan, Kh. Moumanis, J.J. Dubowski, “Modeling of the photoluminescence monitored photocorrosion of GaAs/AlGaAs nano-heterostructures”, a poster presentation the 18th Canadian […]

  • 29.07.17

    J.J. Dubowski, “Digital etching of III-V semiconductors in aqueous solutions”, keynote presentation at the 10th International Conference on Emerging Materials and Nanotechnology, Vancouver, Canada, July […]