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  • 27.02.18

    In situ Monitored Interaction Between Electrically Charged Molecules and Functionalized Surfaces of III-V Quantum Semiconductors (English, French)

  • 27.02.18

    Digital Photo-Etching of III-V Semiconductors: Innovative Technology for Nanoscale Device Fabrication (English, French)

  • 15.06.15

    CSSTC 2015: Call for post-deadline poster presentations (Read more)


  • 15.03.15

    17th Canadian Semiconductor Science and Technology Conference in Sherbrooke, August 16-21, 2015 (Read more)


  • 28.02.15

    Synthesis and Photonics of Nanoscale Materials-XII, San Francisco (see: Photonic West 2015 Program).

  • 25.08.14

    An innovative SPR system for detection of bacteria. New program at UdeS to accelerate commercialization of research ideas (Read more, in French).